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Clothes buying tips

Garage sales or resale shops are always great. If you want to buy new, try to shop at the end of the season for next year's wardrobe. My kids have no hips, so this can be difficult when buying pants. Overalls and pants with elastic waists are easiest to buy ahead of time. Adjust the straps on the overalls, and fold the elastic waist over if the are a little too big at the beginning of the season. Shirts can almost always be worn a little large.

I managed to get two summers out of their first short-alls. The straps were adjusted to the shortest length the first year, the longest length the next. It all depends on how your baby grows! Sweatshirts keep you extra warm when they are too long. Sleeves can be rolled up easily. Very possible to get two years out of them.

Look for buy one get one half off / free sales for shoes. Buy the next two sizes at once.

Sue Trusty
Wonder Lake, IL

Homemade baby food

Buy fresh veggies, fruits. Cook veggies. Puree individually or in combinations. Get ice cube trays that have plastic covers (Tupperware) or cover with plastic wrap. Pour pureed foods into each cube compartment. Freeze. Pop out [baby's] first meals, defrosting gradually and checking temperature often. Increase the number of cubes you defrost as [baby's] appetite increases.

I only tried this for my twin boys' "1st foods", but I'm sure it would be possible to freeze foods with bits or chunks in them!

Good luck!

Sue Trusty
Wonder Lake, IL

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