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Garage Sale Tips Tips on how to have a successful garage sale
Organized Garage Use an old dresser to organize your garage.
Dirty House Are you choosing to live in a dirty house?
Save Money on Home Improvement Projects
Taking Control of Your Kitchen
Energy Saving Household energy saving tips

Miscellaneous Tips

Drawer Liners

I purchased a couple of rolls of wallpaper at a building supply store that was going out of business. Each roll was 56 sq. ft. and cost $1.00. I have begun lining my kitchen drawers.

Doris Griner
Nashville, Ga.

More Closet Space

If you need more hanging space for your clothes in your closet, you might try this tip to create a lower level bar to hang clothes from.

This will give you more space to hang clothes. This works especially well for children's closets, and for hanging things underneath shorter clothes, likes shirts.

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